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Bishop Wendell Archie, SR.
Houston, TX


In the city of Lake Charles, LA, near the Chennault Air Base, stands the magnificent miracle birthplace of Refuge Temple Ministries, Inc. The construction of the building began on a budget of five thousand dollars, and is now valued at more than three million dollars.

In 1974, nearly 40 years ago, Bishop and his wife moved to Lake Charles, LA from Houston, Texas to start a ministry. Bishop was affiliated with an established denominational church. Hence, the initial church consisted of about twenty members. Bishop Archie left behind an excellent job with high pay as a machinist with TRW Mission Manufactures. He and his wife were preparing to buy a home and had just purchased a new car. At this time, God spoke to Bishop and required him to forsake all and follow Him.  He immediately began to prepare for his departure. With so few members and no additional means of support, the road ahead would be long and tedious for Bishop and his family. Because such a sacrifice was unheard of, many of his friends and family members ridiculed him and feared that he would not succeed.  However, believing that God had sent him, he was not deterred or discouraged by the many hardships he faced.

The first church began at 2301 E. Mill Street. The building was old and in dire need of refurbishing. The late Bro. Nathan Davis and his wife Clara befriended the new minister and assisted in the establishment of the church. In the developmental stage, the church was taught the foundations of salvation according to the Bible. The church moved to a new location on Avenue D at Chennault Air Base. This building too needed some work.  It was converted into a church.  The members began to labor, and radio ministry was birthed. Sunday school attendance (which had initially begun at the Mill Street location) increased. God added professional musicians to the church. Singers, ushers, choir directors, and teachers were added. Marriages took place, children were born, and the laborious efforts of the members began to produce more fruit. Because of the door-to-door prison and hospital ministries, God added to the church daily.

Shortly thereafter, the church membership out grew the building.  It was time to purchase a new facility. Because Bishop Archie was known for being charitable, he did not have a building fund or substantial bank account for the church. The body of Christ resorted once again to prayer and fasting to seek guidance from God. With a bank account of only five thousand dollars, Bishop was charged to build a building, which would be valued at more than three million dollars. This reality was more than even the saints of Refuge Temple Ministries could comprehend. A few of the members simply put their hands to the plow and began to labor.

With his mind and his heart fixed to do God’s will, Bishop Archie met stiff opposition. The loan officers at the bank threatened to discontinue the financial support, and some of the church members left the church.  There were complaints, and a lot of criticism and dissension among the congregation during this time. As a result, Bishop suffered physical and mental exhaustion.  In spite of the hardship, the gates of hell did not prevail.

A few years prior, in 1991, Bishop Archie was sponsored and ordained to the office of Bishop, by Bishop Ratcliff of Detroit, Michigan. Refuge Temple Ministries had begun to expand throughout Louisiana, Texas and Indianapolis, IN.  Pastors from other states began to summon for Bishop to minister at revivals in their respective churches.  During this time, Bishop was named by, Gumbeaux Magazine, as one of the most influential African Americans in Southwestern Louisiana.

In 1996, Refuge Temple Ministries at Welch merged with the Lake Charles ministry.  Pastor Leonard Wilson was appointed as senior pastor to lead the congregation.  As the ministry continued to grow, God reminded Bishop continuously that he would need to return to Houston and become senior pastor of the Houston church.  As a result, the Gospel would spread throughout the world.  With Pastor Wilson leading the Lake Charles church, Bishop was able to relocate to Houston, where he continued to follow the vision that God had given him.

In 2007, a new facility that seats over fifteen hundred was built to house the Houston congregation.  As of today, Refuge Temple Ministries has new facilities in Lafayette, LA, Beaumont, TX, Dallas, TX, and an upcoming outreach ministry in Monroe, LA.  Bishop Archie can now be seen on The Word Network, where he ministers the uncompromised Gospel.  Show times are Tuesdays at 2:30p.m (CST) and Fridays at 12:30a.m.  You may also join us on Sunday mornings on the internet at www.refugetempleministries.net.

Refuge Temple is a blessed church and will continue its quest to reap the harvest.